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SMS Resources text messaging, in combination with your
self-storage software, provides a value-added combination.

Text messaging allows you to reach your tenants immediately.  They almost always have their phone within reach and will read a text message in a heartbeat, even if they don’t answer your call, listen to your voice mail, read your e-mail or open up that window envelope.

Each message costs just pennies and reduces the

expense, planning, logistics and staff hours

devoted to mailings and phone campaigns

you might otherwise use in you effort

to reach your customers.

Many self-storage locations have started to present monthly invoicing via text messaging.

Text messaging can be utilized as a component
in ever escalating delinquent account reminders.

It, also, affords a quick and easy way to communicate with tenants (or, staff) about emergencies, maintenance or special events that they need to be aware of or ought to mark in their calendar.

Anniversary greetings of a tenant's contract date are a wonderful way to stay "in front" of your customers; even a great excuse to invite them into the store to pick-up a promotional premium or advertising gift.

And, of course, what could be better for straight-up customer relations than sending your tenant a birthday greeting via
text on their special day?

SMS Resources is, also, an integral component of the SNA Collections Manager suite. In combination with selected robo-dialed reminder schedules,
periodic text messages augmenting
delinquency reminder calls assures your sites will decrease their number of accounts in arrears; while increasing monthly revenue… significantly ! ! !

SMS Resources seamlessly integrates texting connectivity with your web-based management program, making it easy to communicate with customers, staff or administration.

Making SMS Resources services part of your everyday operation allows you to improve communication quality and speed, while increasing marketing opportunities...
seamlessly ! ! !

SMS Resources . . .

Is Simple to Use

Offers Long or Short Codes

Provides Bulk Messaging

Enables Message Documentation

Has Effortless Tools

Allows Mass Broadcast

Provides Technical Support

Is Secure

Has Analysis Built-In

Is Customizable

. . . all through your self-storage software dashboard!

SMS text messaging, a joint program of SiteLink and SMS Resources, enables fast, easy, modern communication with your tenants directly from your SiteLink tenant screen.

Our customers have been enjoying this thoroughly modern mode of communications for the last year. Isn't it time for your company to do so too?

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SMS Resources

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